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Spicy Wanderlust is a unique travel blog that inspires women travellers to pursue their travel dreams. I share articles about Food, Travel, Volunteering with purpose & passion.
I have been traveling spontaneously for over 40 years, with my family until my late teens, solo in my twenties, with children in my thirties and solo in my forties. From camping trips in Australia & New Zealand, holidaying in Europe and backpacking through Asia.  This blog is an eclectic collection of stories, recipes, inspirations and contemplation’s of a wildly wacky adventurer with an intense love of spicy culinary delights and a passionate wanderlust of colorful culture!!

What I can do for you:

  • Sponsored content
  • Reviews on my Blog and/or Social Media (if suitable to my target audience)
  • Online Marketing Consulting
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing (organic and paid)
    • Email Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization

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Need to know a little more about Karen first….

Throughout my career I have been employed in the complex positions of Business Development, Management, Marketing and Human Resources. The key factor in my success has been a strong work ethic and the ability to develop relationships with a wide range of people to ensure the goals of the organization are met, whilst providing the best possible experience and outcomes for all stakeholders.
Key Achievements include:
  • Successfully setting up and managing a new motel business, utilizing skills in business development and marketing, building occupancy rates from 0% to a consistent 80% over a five year period in the Hunter Valley Wine Region
  • Creating and implementing innovative marketing campaigns and programs to increase occupancy rates for our business to 98% while the average in our region was at <40% during off season – Our core target market was active seniors (55+)
  • Managed and led our team to achieve Business awards 3 years running, including; Business of the Year Award. Part of this process involved developing relationships with local community providers and stakeholders to promote tourism within the Hunter Valley.
  • Part of the team involved in achieving Cinema of the Year Award. My role required coordinating both innovative marketing ideas and identifying the need for new systems in our Food & Beverage Department. This was achieved by liaising with head office management, staff and the use of analytical data to create training procedures for the successful implementation of measures to reduce costs and increase staff engagement.
  • Team Leader of Scheduling, doubling KPI’s and setting new standards through the development of strong relationships with high profile decision makers in community organisations.
  • Managing & completing a full overhaul of business operations and turning an organization around from the edge of bankruptcy to a successful and profitable not-for–profit enterprise within 2 years, working directly with the board of directors, key stakeholders and staff
Based on my experience and strong commitment to do more than is required, I invite you to consult me to deliver similar results for you. I am passionate about Business Development through networking and relationship building, and bring not only a wealth of experience, but also a desire to drive the future tourism development. I am a highly motivated, hands-on, self-starter and love of sharing my knowledge with others.
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